Becoming Dead Right by Frances Shani Parker

Title: Becoming Dead Right
Authors: Frances Shani Parker
Publisher: Loving Healing Press
Cost: $ 19.95/ £9.95


Becoming Dead Right: A Hospice Volunteer in Urban Nursing Homes is an informative and well written book filled with true stories about hospice patients and caregivers.

Whilst underlining the importance of improving and expanding hospice services, Frances Shani Parker uses her own personal experience as a hospice caregiver to show that everyone is entitled to a peaceful and pain-free death. The book includes touching stories of a variety of patients although there is a particular attention to African-American AIDS sufferers. Therefore this book would be especially helpful to people dealing with this.

Although written for the American population, in particular African-Americans, Becoming Dead Right could also be useful to anyone else dealing with death or interested in how hospice works. The book is divided into easy to read chapters, each ending with a short poem.

This insight into hospice care and the people that do it is inspiring and heart warming. Recommended reading for anyone interested in being involved in hospice care and for patients and their relatives and friends to help them understand how hospice works as well as to give them comfort in their time of need.

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